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A selection of Type 1 portable EV charging Cables available for delivery in Limerick, Ireland. We offer rapid delivery 1-3 days throughout the Limerick region and beyond.

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 What are the requirements of my vehicle for Type 1 EV charging? It is important to decide if you want a 3 pin (granny cable) household charger which would be slower or a Type 1 portable EV charging cable that you would plug into your professionally installed outside socket. Once you have finished, put your cable away neat a tidy!


What is the difference in EV charging between 16A and 32A? 16A charging delivers 3.7 kW of power, resulting in slower charging speeds. 32A delivers 7.4 kW of power, offering twice the speed of 16A charging. However you will find cars have a maximum input per hour e.g. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has a max input of 3.7kW per hour.


What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2? They are two different charging ports. A Type 1 EV charging cable will not fit into a Type 2 port. You will notice Type 1 will fit into the vehicle and the opposite side for your EV charging wall box will be similar to Type. For this reason you might see the cable referred to Type 1 to Type 2 EV charging cable.


NOTE: Please review your vehicle handbook to ensure you select the right connection and power. Different vehicles have different criteria.

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Electromaps: Lists 48 charging points in County Limerick, but doesn't specify how many are public

Chargemap: Lists 14 charging stations in Limerick city, likely public stations but doesn't mention County Limerick