Fiat EV Charging Cables

Internal Combustion Reigns (Currently): Unlike some European carmakers, Fiat hasn't ventured into the hybrid electric vehicle market as of yet. Their focus has remained on delivering gasoline-powered vehicles known for their affordability and iconic Italian style.

A New Era of Electric Fiats (2020): Fiat unveiled its first-ever full electric vehicle for Europe in 2020: the Fiat 500e. This adorable electric hatchback pays homage to the classic Fiat 500 while offering a sustainable and stylish driving experience. In 2023 they have since expanded their EV options to Fiat 600e.

Charging with Convenience: The Fiat 500e prioritises ease of charging. It utilises the widely used Type 2 connector for AC charging at home or slower public stations. Additionally, it boasts a CCS (Combo Charging System) port for faster top-ups at DC fast charging stations across Europe.


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