The Benefits of Portable EV Charging Cables


    • Charge your EV anywhere: Say goodbye to being tethered to public charging stations. With our portable EV charging cables, you can charge your EV from any suitable power outlet.

    • Convenient home charging: Eliminate the need for a dedicated charging station at home. Simply plug your portable EV charging cable into your home's power outlet and enjoy convenient charging at your fingertips.

    • Emergency charging: Stay prepared for unexpected situations with our portable EV charging cables. They serve as a reliable backup charging option in case of public charging station downtime.

Choose EV Cable Co. Ireland for:

    • Widest Selection: We offer the most extensive range of portable EV charging cables in Ireland, catering to various EVs and charging station types.

    • Quality Assurance: We source our cables from reputable manufacturers, ensuring premium quality and safety for your EV.

    • Convenient Delivery: We offer fast and reliable delivery within Ireland, we aim to have your order shipped and delivered within 1-3 days.  Tracking number provided upon purchase.

Upgrade to portable charging today! Visit our website at to explore our extensive selection and find the ideal cable to match your EV and charging preferences.