Audi e-tron: EV Charging Overview

Audi e-tron: EV Charging Overview

The Audi e-tron, a pioneering luxury electric SUV, has been electrifying roads since 2019. If you're considering one for your European adventures, here's a breakdown of its key electric vehicle (EV) specifications, focusing on charging and battery range.

Plug and Play: Charging Ports in Europe

Across Europe, including Ireland, the Audi e-tron utilizes the CCS (Combo Charging System) port for DC fast charging. This is the standard for most European EVs, ensuring easy access to the public charging network. The e-tron also features a Type 2 connector (3 Phase/Mode 3) for charging at home or public stations.


Charge Up Your Time: How Long Does It Take?

Charging times depend on the battery capacity, charger type, and available power. Here's a general guide for the Audi e-tron variants:

  • Battery Capacity: There have been two main battery options:
    • Pre-2023 models: 95 kWh gross (usable capacity around 86.5 kWh)
    • 2023 models onwards: 96.7 kWh gross (usable capacity around 91.8 kWh)
  • Charging Speed:
    • AC Charging (Level 2):
      • Up to 11 kW (standard charger): 9-14 hours for a full charge (depending on battery size)
      • Up to 22 kW (optional charger): 4-5 hours for a full charge (depending on battery size)
    • DC Fast Charging (Level 3):
      • Up to 150 kW (pre-2023 models): 30 minutes for 10-80% charge
      • Up to 170 kW (2023 models onwards): Similar charging times as above due to battery chemistry limitations.

Powering Your Journey: Battery Range

The e-tron's range varies depending on the model year, driving conditions, and battery size. Here's a ballpark figure:

  • Pre-2023 models: Up to 360-417 km (WLTP range)
  • 2023 models onwards: Up to 359-446 km (WLTP range)

Evolving for the Future: A Note on Model Year Changes

There have been some minor changes to the e-tron's specs over the years. The most recent update in 2023 saw a slight increase in battery capacity and a potential for faster DC charging due to a revised battery chemistry. However, the real-world impact on charging times might be minimal.

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