Dacia Spring | EV Charging Cable | Type 2 | 32A

What EV charging port does Dacia Spring EV use? Type 2 EV charging cable, 1 Phase, 32A is needed for the Dacia Spring. There a range of options and charging speeds available.

Recommended for home plugin - Ireland 3 pin plug, Type 2

Recommended for home EV charging station - Type 2, 32A, 1 Phase. Although the max charge rate is 7.4kw per hour, a 32A/11kw cable gives you access to charge on chargers for 11kw, 7.4kw, and 3.7kw per hour. 

Recommended for work/public rapid charging stations -  CCS (Combo Charging System) for DS fast charger, visit public charging stations. Your Type 2 cable can also be used however this wouldn't be considered rapid charging.

Brand: Duosida
Product Name: EV charging cables
EV connector: Type 2 to Type 2
Cable length: 5M, 10M
Rated voltage: 220V AC
Current: 32A recommended 
Power: 3.7kw-11KW
Cable colour: Green, Black
Certificate: TUV-CE
Waterproof grade: IP54
Operating Temperature: -25C ~ +45C
Warranty: 1 year

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