Nissan Leaf: EV Charging Overview

Nissan Leaf: EV Charging Overview

The Nissan Leaf has been a pioneer in the electric vehicle realm, revolutionising the way we perceive sustainable transportation. Let's delve into its specifications, charging capabilities, and the evolution of its charging ports and battery capacities over the years.


The Nissan Leaf boasts a robust electric drivetrain, offering impressive performance and eco-friendly features. Its key specs typically include a powerful electric motor and a reliable lithium-ion battery pack.

Charging Port:

Throughout its iterations, the Nissan Leaf has predominantly featured a Type 1 (SAE J1772) charging port - pre 2018, catering to standard Level 1 and Level 2 charging stations.

The Nissan Leaf produced from 2018 onwards, including the newer versions, typically uses a Type 2 (Mennekes) charging port instead of the Type 1 (SAE J1772) port that was used in the earlier models.

Charging Times:

  • Level 1 Charging (AC, 120V): Approximately 8-13 hours for a full charge.
  • Level 2 Charging (AC, 240V): About 4-8 hours for a complete charge.

Maximum Power per Hour:

The maximum charging power varies based on the charging infrastructure and voltage:

  • Level 1 Charging: Up to 3.3 kW (120V)
  • Level 2 Charging: Up to 6.6 kW (240V)

Battery Performance Over the Years:

  • Early model years (2011-2017) typically featured a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery, offering an electric range of around 73-107 miles (117-172 kilometers).
  • Later versions (2018-present) witnessed significant improvements in battery capacity, often upgraded to a 40 kWh or 62 kWh battery, delivering extended ranges of approximately 149-226 miles (240-364 kilometers)


Note: Always review the manufactures handbook of your electric vehicle (EV) before confirming charging port. They may vary from region, models, and year.


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