Renault Captur : A Comprehensive EV Charging Overview

Renault Captur : A Comprehensive EV Charging Overview

Renault Captur is a popular compact SUV that has been available in an electric version since 2020. It offers a stylish design, a spacious interior, and a long range. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Renault Captur's charging specs, including charging ports, charging times, maximum power, and battery range.

Charging Ports:

Renault Captur is equipped with a Type 2 AC charging port for Level 2 charging and a CCS2 DC fast charging port for faster charging. The CCS2 DC fast charging port can deliver up to 130 kW, which means that the Renault Captur can be charged from 10% to 80% in as little as 30 minutes.

Charging Times:

The charging time for the Renault Captur will vary depending on the type of charger used and the level of charge required. Here are some estimated charging times for the Renault Captur:

    • Level 2 charging (100%): 7-8 hours
    • DC fast charging (80%): 30 minutes

Maximum Power:

The maximum power that can be drawn from the Renault Captur's battery is 9.6 kW for AC charging and 130 kW for DC fast charging.

Battery Range:

The battery range of the Renault Captur is 233 miles (375 km) based on the WLTP test. However, the actual range will vary depending on driving conditions and the use of climate control.

Changes to Charging Ports and Battery Capacity:

The Renault Captur has undergone a few changes to its charging ports and battery capacity since it was first introduced. The most significant change was the introduction of the CCS2 DC fast charging port in 2020. This means that the Renault Captur can now be charged using a wider variety of DC fast chargers.

In 2023, Renault introduced a new version of the Renault Captur with a larger battery capacity of 52.5 kWh. This increase in battery capacity has led to an increase in the EPA-estimated range to 263 miles (422 km).


Renault Captur is a stylish and practical electric SUV that offers a long range and a convenient charging experience. With its CCS2 DC fast charging port and 9.6 kW AC charging capacity, the Renault Captur can be quickly and efficiently charged at home, work, or on the road. The Renault Captur's battery range is also competitive in its class, making it a viable option for drivers who want to go electric without sacrificing range.

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