Hyundai EV Charging Cables

Early Hybrid Adoption (2011): Hyundai has been a frontrunner in bringing hybrid technology to Europe. Their journey began in 2011 with the launch of the Ioniq Hybrid, a feature-packed hybrid car that offered excellent fuel economy and a comfortable driving experience.


A Pioneering Full EV (2016): Hyundai wasn't content to stop at hybrids. They marked a significant milestone in 2016 by introducing the Ioniq Electric, Europe's first car available as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and full electric vehicle - all in one body style. This innovative approach gave consumers a variety of electrified options under the Ioniq nameplate.


Charging Up with CCS: Hyundai prioritizes convenient charging for its European EVs. Their electric vehicles utilize the common Type 2 connector for AC charging at home or slower public stations. Additionally, they are equipped with a CCS (Combo Charging System) port for fast charging at public stations across Europe.


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